Satisfy your cravings on a hot day at OC Waterpark with a tasty blend of treats and refreshments to fuel your adventures.


Ocean City, NJ’s Premier Water Park

Step into the thrilling world of OC Waterpark, where beachfront delight and aquatic joy converge for an unforgettable seasonal experience! Immerse yourself in an adventurous escapade as you traverse our exhilarating slides and leisurely float along the meandering lazy river. But the excitement doesn’t end there – test your skills with friends and family on our captivating mini-golf course or treat yourself to delectable snacks at our concessions. At OC Waterpark, we’ve crafted the perfect mix of pulse-pounding excitement and laid-back leisure, establishing ourselves as the premier destination for creating lasting summer memories in Ocean City, NJ. Plunge into a world of splashes, laughter, and sunshine – join us in making a splash!


Boardwalk Facing

Ben’s Pretzels, Refreshments & More!

As you stroll along the bustling boardwalk of OC Waterpark, your senses are immediately captivated by the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pretzels wafting through the salty sea breeze. Ben’s Pretzels beckons with a tantalizing array of savory and sweet delights, from classic Regular Pretzels to indulgent Cinnamon-Sugar Pretzels, satisfying every craving. For those seeking a bite-sized treat, Buggy Bites offer the perfect snack to munch on while exploring the park. And for something heartier, Pretzel Dogs provide a savory twist on a classic favorite. Wash it all down with a refreshing ICEE or mini melts, or opt for the timeless taste of Bill’s Lemonade or a selection of Pepsi-Brand sodas and drinks, ensuring every visitor finds their perfect accompaniment to a day of fun in the sun.


Inside the Park

Ben’s Pretzels, OC Chill & OC Grill

Inside OC Waterpark, your taste buds are in for a treat with a variety of delicious options to satisfy any craving. In the Lil Bucs area, Ben’s Pretzels steals the show, offering a mouthwatering selection of Regular Pretzels, Cinnamon-Sugar Pretzels, Buggy Bites, and Pretzel Dogs – perfect for a quick snack between slides. Cool off with an ICEE or quench your thirst with Pepsi-Brand sodas and drinks. Over at OC Chill, you can indulge in creamy mini melts or grab a refreshing Pepsi-Brand soda or a cup of coffee to keep you going. And for those looking for a heartier meal, OC Grill has you covered with a lineup of enticing options including juicy burgers, hot dogs, crispy chicken fingers, and flavorful chicken wraps. Don’t forget the sides – waffle fries, mozzarella sticks, churros, funnel fries, and nachos add that extra crunch to your meal. Wash it all down with your favorite Pepsi-Brand sodas and drinks, ensuring every visit to OC Waterpark is a tasty adventure.

Operating Days & Hours

OC Waterpark & Adventure Golf is open April – September. Come and soak up the fun! View Hours

Ticket Pricing

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