Fun Slides

Lil Buc's Bay

A child's fantasy playground designed to entertain youngsters, our Pirates Cove featuring Lil' Buc's Shipwreck, a Pirates Fort, Lighthouse and raining Palm Trees. Pull up a lounge chair and relax while your child takes a journey with shipmates in this safe shallow water environment.

Serpentine Body Slide

Rumored to be one of the best body slides on the East Coast. This extreme body slide rises eight stories into the Ocean City skyline, sliding down rushing water. The Serpentine has it all. It's fun! It's fast! It will keep you coming back for more.

Tube Journey

One of our most popular attractions! The single or double tube slide leads you through a vast array of curves, dropping you into the center pond hovering above the Lazy River. You will finally find yourself floating toward the gang slide plunging down into the Activity Pool. This journey is perfect for both adults and little ones alike!


Taking the plunge to a new level! Splash Down Falls is an exciting thrill for the daring swimmers. Slide down our steep body slide, taking a splash down into a refreshing pool of water.

The Lazy River

Feeling kind of lazy! Try out a single or double tube floating along our Lazy River through winding turns and waterfalls at a relaxing speed, allowing riders to view much of the action in the water park. When it comes to relaxing, the Lazy River is a cool solution!

OC Air Jumpers

No plane ticket? No problem. Make sure your seats and tray tables are in the full and upright position, it’s time to take flight on the Best Air Jumper on the Market. The award winning mobile OC Jumpers allows participants the rush of soaring 25 feet in the air. Channel your inner Blue Angels™ through performing backflips, tricks and stunts. Stretch out your arms and legs, smell the air and touch the sky – feels like freedom! See for yourself why the amazing honor of “Best New Product” two years running was bestowed upon this powerhouse in the jumping industry.

OC Adventure Peak

OC Adventure Peak is a 35' mobile climbing wall, and is the tallest of its kind in all of South Jersey. Challenge your friends to a speed climb, or test your skills as you try to master the one of the five challenging routes to the top!